Alice Hunt 

 July 14, 2020

By  Alice Hunt

Barely able to reach the sewing machine, putting together clothes for my dolls and blankets for my toy horses are among many of my childhood memories.  My family had a sewing machine dealership and of course I learned to use the machines as a child at play.  I later went on to compete at local and state fairs as well as the Make It With Wool competition.  More recently I’ve been working with my children to help them take on their first projects.

Sewing has become one of my major hobbies and I would like to share my knowledge with you.  Some of the topics I’d like to cover include basic sewing skills, sewing machine reviews, and lots of tips to help the beginning sewist along their journey.


Alice Hunt

Alice has grown up in a family owned sewing machine & fabric store. She has over 30 years experience in garment construction and quilting.

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