Sanenyah Jordan 

 July 13, 2020

By  Sanenyah Jordan


You want to know about me?

Wow, I’m flattered! 

Well, I’m Sanenyah Jordan. That’s Sa niña. That’s right...like girl in Spanish and believe me, I’m all girl! And that’s the perfect way to describe myself. I’m a big kid at heart and I have no shame in it! I just wish I had the fearlessness of a child...lol. 

I’m a married, full-time working, homeschool mom living in the Tampa Bay Area. Now that you’ve gotten my stats…. 

I’ve been on the road of self-discovery for a long time but mainly I just had to become comfortable being myself in a world where being different, really isn’t embraced. From a child I’ve always been the “different” one. I enjoyed things that others around me just couldn’t or wouldn’t try to understand. It was hard to share my eclectic taste in life without always being on the defensive. 

But, thank God, I didn’t allow the thoughts of others to stifle my curiosity of creativity. See I always wanted to be more hands-on in my creative visions but I thought I wasn’t born with those gifted talents, so I just admired others that did and supported their passions. I certainly never thought I would be making my own clothes! Fashion has always been a love of mine because it was a cool and creative way to express yourself on so many levels. I found that making clothes is a very intimate expression of creativity because it's a wearable extension of who you are.

My journey into sewing is pretty interesting but, you’ll come to learn more about that real soon. I just knew that I wanted to learn how to make my own clothes, without being frustrated with trying to find something that spoke to me in the Ready To Wear world. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with RTW; I get a ton of inspiration from it. But it’s pretty difficult when you’re a juicy girl; like myself. 

That’s why I’m extremely grateful for My Sewing Tribe. I gained the confidence to get out of my head and actually go for it. And, I’m totally enjoying this journey and connections I’ve made along the way. I recognized that if you want to learn something new, you can. Just remember to be patient with yourself and find a source that speaks to your learning style. 

I’m  totally a newbie, constantly learning along the way and fearlessly, I’ll be sharing my journey with you. So get ready for The Good, The Bad and the Not So Ugly.  Thanks for joining this ride with me; it might get a little bumpy😉

Sanenyah Jordan

I’m no expert but I’m passionate about sharing the amazing freedom in creating works of art. Some may call me spontaneous and adventurous but I've found it to be a great asset when it comes to being creative. I’ve allowed fear to hold me back for way too long and I hope in sharing my story you will take action to express yourself creatively.

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