Noelle Was My First…Underwear Pattern! 

 December 31, 2020

By  Sanenyah Jordan

Now being a juicy girl myself, I needed something that could hold me in the right places, securely. 

So I truly didn't expect it to come from someone petite and dainty. That’s why you shouldn’t  judge based on the initial product view. Sometimes you gotta dig a little further. 

And that's what I always do! I truly get a high out of gathering information on my projects. The tough part for me is execution. Due, to a mixture of overthinking, overbooking and under prioritization. 

Being real with myself, I wanted...no need for my first project to be something I was passionate about and practical.

I absolutely love wearing pretty underwear and loved the idea of making my own. It literally  blew my mind when I realized it was possible to make and create them to my specifications and desires. Plus, it's a great way to test different types of fabrications and know how they feel against my skin. 

I truly think underwear is a great product for a beginner sewist. Its’ something personal and small without a huge investment in supplies. You never want to overwhelm yourself when starting something new or starting over. 

Can you believe there are sewisit who have sewed a variety of garments for 20+ years and Never thought to sew underwear for themselves. And you know everybody complains about their underwear!

Making something for myself while playing with pretty knits is just heaven! I didn’t want to spend my time using the first pattern I saw. It had to be something I would actually wear and give me full coverage. I must admit I was nervous as heck! I barely knew how to thread my needle and keep a straight stitch.

I was able to find a few patterns online but very few gained my attention. But, Noelle stood out! Madalynne Intimates, is very classy, lacey, pinky and soft. Her designs spoke to my love of  femininity.

Man,  I was so busy checking to see if she carried anything in my size that I almost overlooked her patterns. See, still falling into old habits. 

The Noelle was a perfect starter because it had full coverage and a high-waist, and didn’t require much cutting; I'm so frightened of cutting. 

It didn’t require any special stitching but I decided to use the zigzag stitch. I figured since I started to work on knit  fabric, that  I should get as much practice as possible. It was something trying to figure out exactly what length and width I wanted my stitching to be but once I got it, I got it!. 

Placing the elastic wasn’t so bad either, especially after all the Youtube videos I watched on the topic.

But, one of the most important tips I can give to a fellow newbie, is to get familiar with your machine. The more familiar you are the more comfortable you will be. That familairy helped me to venture out and add ruching to my underwear. Found that on YouTube too.

 IKR...Ain’t that bold! I am pretty proud of  myself. With more practice my skills will definitely tighten up. 

Isn’t she cute?

I gotta admit that I wouldn’t have had the courage to even  approach Noelle, without My Sewing Tribe. And I’m so glad I did! They keep me encouraged and accountable to fight the fear and step-up to cross some more names off my list.  

Sanenyah Jordan

I’m no expert but I’m passionate about sharing the amazing freedom in creating works of art. Some may call me spontaneous and adventurous but I've found it to be a great asset when it comes to being creative. I’ve allowed fear to hold me back for way too long and I hope in sharing my story you will take action to express yourself creatively.

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