PJ Bottoms were definitely a Walk On The Plank 

 January 5, 2021

By  Sanenyah Jordan

I would love to say I’m a selfish sewist but that’s just not in my DNA. I don’t know how to do anything completely for myself. I’m constantly thinking about others even during my own creative process. But it helps to scale down on getting myself into a ton of projects for others. I keep my sewing makes to the individuals in my household. Which is an endless task with a growing teenage boy. 

He has a particular style with a growing request. 

The great thing about making your own clothes is they’re made with you in mind, for your body. That’s exactly what appealed to me about sewing. Making something for our body types without spending hours in the store being disappointed by the available selection. Knowing that those designs come from mass production patterns. No special grading for our body types. 

My son is a tall husky kid with a long torso. Finding pants to fit him isn’t an enjoyable experience. So of course, being the novice that I am. I took the opportunity to start with knit PJ bottoms. My son definitely needed new PJ bottoms to wear around the house. 

I couldn’t believe I was thinking of making pants. I’ve only made underwear at this point and that was a doozy in itself. For some reason, I  figured as long as I followed the pattern and utilize my resources I’ll be okay. Man... was I wrong! 

I was confused from the moment I started to piece the pattern together. Thank goodness, I had my son there helping. My nerves were all over the place and my anxiety was through the roof. I usually do a good job keeping myself in check when my son is around. 

I gotta be a good example when it comes to controlling my emotions and powering through difficult situations. 

The wonky pattern piecing didn’t help when it came to tracing either. Did I mention, we did this all on my uneven, old shotgun house floor. My back was in pain and my knees were locking. It wasn’t a good moment for this juicy girl. But I pushed through it, I did my best to focus and enjoyed the experience with my son. 

It was really tricky trying to figure out how to sew the leg pieces together while keeping the crotch straight. I wasn’t able to find a good visual online and the video from Patterns for Pirates wasn’t helpful. I must admit I was a little aggravated with their example but oh well, life goes on!. 

I’m totally new to this, what do I know?

Well, let’s just say I got a lot to learn! The bottoms came out with a crooked crotch. To be honest you can play it off as a DIY version of the twisted ready-to-wear baggy pants that are currently popular. 

I know I first went wrong with the way the pattern was pieced together. Hopefully using pdfplotter.com will alleviate that daunting task in the future. Besides tightening up my own sewing skills. I know I gotta work on it. The more I familiarize myself with pants patterns and the more I sew; the better I’ll get. 

Now he wants some joggers! 

I’m so nervous about it but I’m going to prepare myself better for the next go around, and take my time. Wish me luck! 

Pattern: https://www.patternsforpirates.com/product/wtp-adult/ 

Fabric: https://ohsoprettycustomfabric.com/

Sanenyah Jordan

I’m no expert but I’m passionate about sharing the amazing freedom in creating works of art. Some may call me spontaneous and adventurous but I've found it to be a great asset when it comes to being creative. I’ve allowed fear to hold me back for way too long and I hope in sharing my story you will take action to express yourself creatively.

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